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Sponsoring the Trapper’s Point

Wildlife Overpass Webcam

Your support of this camera helps keep the cam going for

researchers and wildlife biologists to continue monitoring the

animals moving across the overpsass, especially during the

spring and fall migrations. Valuable information is obtained on

migration timing, herd counts, movement patterns and more. 

How to become a sponsor for the Trapper's Point Wildlife

Overpass webcam

If you'd like to become a sponsor to help pay for the cost of this high-end camera, sponsorship is $100/month. First-time cam sponsors get a one-month special rate of $50 their first month. Ads are static logos. Ads can hotlink to a website, Facebook page, or a document. Webcams are hugely popular with viewers, and we expect visitation to quickly grow for this web  page giving sponsors great exposure for their ads to a growing world-wide viewer audience.  In the future, with additional sponsorship, we hope to explore the possibility of installing additional equipment that would allow added features for this webcam and the possibility of viewer alert notifications via social media of when animals are migrating. Thank you!
Sponsorship logo placements are $100/month. Special first-time sponsor rate of $50 for the first month. Logos may link to your website, Facebook page, or a document. Logos appear on the home page and this sponsorship page. For more information call Pinedale Online at 307-360-7689  (call or text anytime, including after hours and on weekends),  or email support@pinedaleonline.com
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